Best Travel Hacks – Save Money When Traveling With Family

Save money when traveling with family with these simple hacks.


There is no doubt that everyone enjoys traveling and going on vacation. Like many people out there, you might be looking for ways to save money as you go on vacation with your family and still enjoy the travel. Well, yes, you can. All you need to do is to identify effective ways you to save some dollars on your everyday expenses. Here are some of the incredible travel hacks to save money as you travel with your loved ones.


Check them out!

  1. Time your travel for the off-season

You don’t have to go on vacation during summer time when everyone is on the run to catch a flight, to book a hotel and so on. After all, it’s usually too hot during this period. Furthermore, airlines and hotels usually take advantage and hike their prices during such seasons. To save money, travel during off seasons and you won’t believe how the prices will have dropped.

  1. Its cheaper to travel on some days

Checking out free or cheap travel days is another hack to save you considerable amount of money when travelling with your family. Travel when there are free or cheap transport deals. For instance, Sydney has a special day – Family Fun Day – when they charge $2.50 only per person from morning to evening for families to travel on public transport. This is an a amazing offer because on normal days, you will have to pay $16 per person to ride the same public transport.

  1. Free guided tours

Instead of using overpriced tour packages, you can use free guided tours to cut cost and save money on your travel expense. Search the location you are traveling to and find out whether they offer free guided tours.

The good news is that many cities now promote tourism through offering free walking tours. Again, you can download apps that will notify you when you are approaching an attraction.

  1. Hidden airports

When doing flight searches, you might not find some flights even if they have the option you are looking for. This is because these flights do not have the same code-share agreement with other flights.


You will be surprised at the better rates and connections these flights sometimes offer. To track these hidden airports, search connections between two airlines or from any nearby airport.

  1. Complain a bit, but be good about it

Complaining is another hack to save money on flights. This is not saying that you should look for things to complain about. Whenever something has gone wrong especially on a flight, politely express your complaint and disappointment through to the airline. You will definitely receive credit if you explain the situation.

  1. Travel cards help, some times

On your arrival to a destination, check whether the city issues travel cards. Compared to using a direct ticket every time you want to use public transport, travel cards are not only cheaper, but are also allows you to use various public transport networks. Go for it if you are planning to make several trips with your family.

  1. Pack light, light, lig….

When it comes to traveling with or without a family, you should remember that airline charges can really eat into your pocket. Before you book that flight, check their baggage charges. While most airlines charge will charge you for every bag checked, some will allow you to check a bag without paying for it. If the latter is the case, then you can pack just a carry-on.

  1. Book flight and hotels separately

When you buy a complete travel package, you will probably be paying for nothing more than convenience. When you are doing the booking, the best way to save money is by considering all available options. In that way, you will definitely find good deals. Forget the complete package thing. Its expensive.

  1. Let your children use their student IDs

Some cities offer free transportation or discounted prices to access some attraction sites for students. So, if your children have student IDs, they should have them when you are traveling.


  1. Use tourism cards

Tourism cards will probably give you and your family access to either free transportation or discounted prices to some cities’ best sites.

  1. Hire cars from small companies

Small car rental companies are your best bet if you want to save some dollars. Because they don’t have a large customer base, they tend to deliver the best services and the best prices to attract and maintain clients.

  1. Use a local SIM card

Instead of making calls and accessing internet using your usual SIM card, buy a local one so that you can be able to enjoy the friendly call rates just like the locals. Roaming services can be very expensive.

  1. Free Wi-Fi? Use it without hesitation

How often do you get freebies? Provided you’re protecting your family and yourself from cyber crimes, you can use free Wi-Fi, which is available on almost all hotels and at attraction sites. It might be a bit sluggish, but it is Wi-Fi all the same.

  1. Things are cheaper in the suburbs

If you are looking forward to save on everything from food to accommodation and transportation, then you should try the suburbs. Things are cheaper there, food, accommodation, car rentals and entertainment than in the central business district.

  1. Ride, lose weight and see much more

To save money and still get around in an enjoyable way, use bikes to travel around. Your children who can ride will definitely fall in love with this option of exploration. It makes for great bonding time, makes everyone fit and allows one to see much more than they would see from a car.