Six Tips For An Effective School Tour


Planning a school tour can be hard or easy depending on the approach that you adopt. As a teacher, it is important that you give your students a tour that they will remember for the rest of their life. But this is easier said than done. You need to make your plans months in advance. You also need to do enough research so that you pick the best tour. Mostly, educational tours become successful because tour companies chip in and help grease the wheels. Thus, it would be something of a tomfoolery to think you can plan and execute a successful school tour alone.

Here is some advice:

What do you want to get out of the tour?  

It is an educational tour meaning that students have to learn and have fun at the same time. Once you know what you want to get out of the tour, choosing a destination becomes so easy. For example, if you are taking a zoology class on tour, then it would not make sense to take them to historical site.

Book many months in advance

School tours never come as a surprise. They are planned, perhaps even two years before they happen. Booking for stuff like train tickets, air tickets, accommodation and many more in advance allows the tour agency to find you the best deals possible. When you have students looking up to you, that is not the time to go looking for last minute deals.

Read up on the tour destination

Before you can approach the school administration and the students’ parents, you want to be sure that you understand everything about the tour destination. How will this tour boost the curriculum of the school? Can you show without reasonable doubt that the tour will boost the curriculum for the school, the students and the teacher involved? If yes, you should have no problem convincing the school administrator to approve the tour.

Prepare the students to learn as much as they can from the tour

One way to do this is to have them make a list of questions that they can ask the tour guide. Of course, you can only be able to generate these questions after studying the place you will be visiting.

Include a lot of fun in the itinerary

Students do not want to be bundled on a tour that is all so educational without any fun. Thus, create an itinerary in advance and include many fun activities. Fun and learning is an unforgettable combination, something that your students should really love. You can call your tour company to help you create an itinerary. Where will you be, what will you be doing at what time? An itinerary ensures you learn and have fun at the appropriate times.

Sell the educational tours to the students

Do the students need to pay any money? Their parents should be notified in advance. In addition, sell the educational tour to the students, let them start “feeling” it, loving and anticipating it. Start by posting posters on the school board, listing the wonders to see at the destination and inviting suggestions and indications of interest.


Best Travel Hacks – Save Money When Traveling With Family

Save money when traveling with family with these simple hacks.

There is no doubt that everyone enjoys traveling and going on vacation. Like many people out there, you might be looking for ways to save money as you go on vacation with your family and still enjoy the travel. Well, yes, you can. All you need to do is to identify effective ways you to save some dollars on your everyday expenses. Here are some of the incredible travel hacks to save money as you travel with your loved ones.


Check them out!

  1. Time your travel for the off-season

You don’t have to go on vacation during summer time when everyone is on the run to catch a flight, to book a hotel and so on. After all, it’s usually too hot during this period. Furthermore, airlines and hotels usually take advantage and hike their prices during such seasons. To save money, travel during off seasons and you won’t believe how the prices will have dropped.

  1. Its cheaper to travel on some days

Checking out free or cheap travel days is another hack to save you considerable amount of money when travelling with your family. Travel when there are free or cheap transport deals. For instance, Sydney has a special day – Family Fun Day – when they charge $2.50 only per person from morning to evening for families to travel on public transport. This is an a amazing offer because on normal days, you will have to pay $16 per person to ride the same public transport.

  1. Free guided tours

Instead of using overpriced tour packages, you can use free guided tours to cut cost and save money on your travel expense. Search the location you are traveling to and find out whether they offer free guided tours.

The good news is that many cities now promote tourism through offering free walking tours. Again, you can download apps that will notify you when you are approaching an attraction.

  1. Hidden airports

When doing flight searches, you might not find some flights even if they have the option you are looking for. This is because these flights do not have the same code-share agreement with other flights.


You will be surprised at the better rates and connections these flights sometimes offer. To track these hidden airports, search connections between two airlines or from any nearby airport.

  1. Complain a bit, but be good about it

Complaining is another hack to save money on flights. This is not saying that you should look for things to complain about. Whenever something has gone wrong especially on a flight, politely express your complaint and disappointment through to the airline. You will definitely receive credit if you explain the situation.

  1. Travel cards help, some times

On your arrival to a destination, check whether the city issues travel cards. Compared to using a direct ticket every time you want to use public transport, travel cards are not only cheaper, but are also allows you to use various public transport networks. Go for it if you are planning to make several trips with your family.

  1. Pack light, light, lig….

When it comes to traveling with or without a family, you should remember that airline charges can really eat into your pocket. Before you book that flight, check their baggage charges. While most airlines charge will charge you for every bag checked, some will allow you to check a bag without paying for it. If the latter is the case, then you can pack just a carry-on.

  1. Book flight and hotels separately

When you buy a complete travel package, you will probably be paying for nothing more than convenience. When you are doing the booking, the best way to save money is by considering all available options. In that way, you will definitely find good deals. Forget the complete package thing. Its expensive.

  1. Let your children use their student IDs

Some cities offer free transportation or discounted prices to access some attraction sites for students. So, if your children have student IDs, they should have them when you are traveling.


  1. Use tourism cards

Tourism cards will probably give you and your family access to either free transportation or discounted prices to some cities’ best sites.

  1. Hire cars from small companies

Small car rental companies are your best bet if you want to save some dollars. Because they don’t have a large customer base, they tend to deliver the best services and the best prices to attract and maintain clients.

  1. Use a local SIM card

Instead of making calls and accessing internet using your usual SIM card, buy a local one so that you can be able to enjoy the friendly call rates just like the locals. Roaming services can be very expensive.

  1. Free Wi-Fi? Use it without hesitation

How often do you get freebies? Provided you’re protecting your family and yourself from cyber crimes, you can use free Wi-Fi, which is available on almost all hotels and at attraction sites. It might be a bit sluggish, but it is Wi-Fi all the same.

  1. Things are cheaper in the suburbs

If you are looking forward to save on everything from food to accommodation and transportation, then you should try the suburbs. Things are cheaper there, food, accommodation, car rentals and entertainment than in the central business district.

  1. Ride, lose weight and see much more

To save money and still get around in an enjoyable way, use bikes to travel around. Your children who can ride will definitely fall in love with this option of exploration. It makes for great bonding time, makes everyone fit and allows one to see much more than they would see from a car.


Liquid Fuel vs. Solid Fuel Camping Stove

Liquid fuel camping stoves are a good preference for campers. However, even the solid fuel stoves are great, perhaps better. Newbie backpacking enthusiasts always find themselves unable to tell which the best stove for their needs is. There are many models of each camping stove and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

MSR Dragonfly Stove

Let us look at each of them separately so that you can make a good comparison:

Liquid fuel camping stoves

Most liquid fuel stoves run on white gas that is refined and is thus low on impurities. It burns hot and clean, performs well in cold weather and is cheaper than the canister fuel or alcohol. They can connect either to a fuel bottle or can have an integrated fuel reservoir.

Most people prefer the integrated fuel reservoir, despite it being heavy, because it is good for a short trip and you can keep the fuel source away from the cooking.

The main advantages

Fuel availability – Fuel is easy to find in any city. You can buy it in the outdoor stores, Walmart or other places.

Efficiency – It is highly efficient since it produces a tremendous amount of heat hence making its cooking speed very fast.

Heat control – It has an adjustable throttle that allows you to adjust to the heat you need.

Cold weather – They perform very well in extremely low temperatures.

The level of fuel – You can easily tell the amount of fuel left by looking at the fuel bottle.


Priming – It requires priming where you ignite a few drops of the fuel to create a flame that preheats the fuel line in order to convert the liquid fuel into vapor. You are also expected to manually pump the fuel bottle to increase pressure.

Maintenance – It requires to be cleaned often and some parts to be replaced after some time to keep it working efficiently for a long time.

Explosive – The fuel used is explosive hence one should be careful not to cause any fuel spill.

Heavy– The camping stove tends to be very heavy.

Solid fuel camping fuel

A potholder has a space for the kettle above the fuel tablet. To get it working, you just put the tablet on the potholder and light it. The stove is only useful for simple cooking.


Weight – It is very light since it is just a piece of tin.

Cost – It is very cheap since you just buying the fuel

Size – It has a compact size; it can even be stored in your pocket.

Tablets – they are easy to light, extinguish, and they can be re-used. There is also no risk of spillage.


Cooking speed – They take too long to boil water.

Smell – Tablets do not have pleasant smell

Dirt – The tablets form a residue on the pots.

Availability – You have to buy them online since they are not locally stocked.

Cold weather – It does not perform well in cold weather.

If you are looking for a stove that is cheap and easy to carry and light, you can choose the solid fuel stove but be ready to look for fuel all over, wait for a long time before the food cooks and endure the odor from the tablets.

If you are looking to buy a stove that is fast, hot and clean, you could choose the liquid fuel stove but be ready to carry a heavy load, spend a lot of money and take too long before lighting. You should also be very careful when handling the liquid fuel stove since the fuel is explosive.

In conclusion, both stoves are good for backpacking. You should choose which camping stove to use depending on where you are going and how you want your stove to work.

Budget Travel – Ridiculously Simple Ways to See the World and Save Money

Seeing the world can be ridiculously expensive, but not when you know a few important things about budget travel. So you want to fly from Boston to Africa for a nature and wildlife experience, just as you saw in the movies Blended and the comedy The Gods Must Be Crazy? Yes you can, and you do not have to break the bank to do that. Here are ridiculously simple ways to travel on a low budget and have an exemplary experience at the same time. And no, low budget does not mean cheap travel experience. You will enjoy a high quality experience and save money. Remember, there is life after traveling.


Adapt to local foods and drinks

Food is a serious money guzzler since you get hungry all the time. Therefore, when you get to a foreign country, try hard to adapt to the local grub to save money. If you buy anything touristy, you will pay through your nose for the food. Remember, business people assume you have money and therefore anything targeted at the tourist is sold at ridiculously extravagant prices. One of the best ways to experience a new culture is through eating their food, listening to their music and interacting with the locals. Local food is cheap, a good way to save money on your travels and experience new tastes.

Do not book a hotel, use Airbnb

It is cheaper that way. You can join the travelers’ forums online and see what they say about this. Whatever alternative you will find for a hotel, it will cost you a fraction of what the hotel could have cost you. At the same time, Airbnb is now operating in almost all countries of the world, so it does not matter where you are headed because it is most likely operating there. Some boutique hotels have also decided to offer their accommodation services through this service. From their website, you can host on Airbnb any property anywhere in the world. This is a money saver for any thrifty traveler.

Do not check in your luggage

Yes, that is right, you can measure your bags at home before you leave and make sure they are below the weight allowed by the airline. If you can travel as light as possible, that would be better for various reasons. One, it means you will not check in your luggage at the airport, thus, you will save money. Two, it means you will not have a lot to carry when you get to your destination, thus you can walk some distances instead of hailing a cab. Three, it means there is no chance for excess weight which airlines charge dearly.


Most of the stuff that you carry at home can be found in the destination country anyway, and if you are traveling to the developing country, they are most likely going to be cheaper. This is the 21st century, you know, not Stone Age.

Do not eat at the hotel’s restaurant

You will probably pay more money for food if you eat at the in-house restaurant than you would pay for the same food a few blocks away. Even back at home, do not eat in hotel or resort restaurants because they charge too much. Tell you what, you could save even more than $5 for a meal when you eat in a standalone restaurant.

Another reason why you should not eat at an in-house restaurant is that the food is likely to be bland. Because you are traveling on a budget, you are surely not staying at a hotel that employs a celebrity chef, are you? Try something different a few blocks away, surprise your taste buds, will you?

Only carry what is absolutely necessary

Make a minimalist travel checklist. Just a change of clothes, your medication, a few items of personal hygiene, your cell phone, laptop/tablet and a portable water filter. The rest of the stuff you can buy when you get to your destination. Believe it or not, you will not use all of them and anyway, you are just traveling, not moving house. Do not make that travel backpack or suitcase too bulky. You will regret it.

Carry your own food when taking a road trip

If you have to buy everything on the way, you will spend quite a lot. If you are taking a road trip locally, make your own snacks at home and pack them, enough to last you the time you will be away. If you are traveling to another country, pack your own snacks in the morning and carry them with you. You can order them from a local restaurant where you will be taking breakfast.

Eat a nice, heavy breakfast

If you eat a good breakfast in the morning, you will not feel the hunger pangs as much during the day. In any case, you will have packed your own snacks as you can see above. This is also the time for you to pack healthy stuff like locally grown apples, oranges and bananas. Just make sure you wash them thoroughly before eating.


Self-drive your rental car

Do you have an international license? Are you allowed to drive in the country you are visiting with your license? If yes, do not hire a chauffeured car as you will also be paying the driver. You can hire a self-drive car, buy a map at the car rental and drive yourself around. It is much easier and enjoyable to see the country that way than using public transport. But public transport too is a money saver, isn’t it?

Use the cheapest type of public transport

Avoid cabs. You will pay through the nose. In some countries, using buses is cheaper, and in some, using trains is cheaper. Do your own research and find out what travel means will save more money. However, if you are traveling in some countries in Africa and Asia, do find out whether it is safe for a foreigner to use public transport.

Do not break the law

Drunken and disorderly, traffic offenses and so on… you cannot believe how much money tourists lose every year by breaking the laws of the countries they travel to. Police bonds and cash bails… they are really not worth it. Take life easy, do not stay outside your accommodation too late into the night. Read about the traffic laws of that country. Always remember you are not at home.


Walk if it is safe

You can have a lot of fun by walking and interacting with the locals on your budget travel experience especially in Europe. Transport is one of the things that eat into a budget traveler’s budget and therefore if you can walk instead of taking a cab, do it. Save that money.